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    Never Stop Dreaming



    16.3h, 1995 Bright Bay TB Gelding.

    Winning at the Intermediate level in just his third season of eventing, having completed his first CCI* last autumn without cross country jump penalties.

    Time with HHF: Since February 2001
    Current Occupation: Eventing Intermediate Level



    2004 Season

      * 1st North GA HT (May) Intermediate HT
      * 4th Poplar Place HT (May) Intermediate HT
      * 6th Pine Top HT (March) Intermediate HT
      * Completed Paradise Farm HT (February) Preliminary HT
      * 12th Southern Pines HT (March) Intermediate HT
      2003 Season

        * Champion Year End Award MSEDA YR Preliminary CT
        * 2nd Sayre School CT (May) Preliminary CT
        * 4th Pine Top HT (September) Preliminary HT
        * 4th River Glen HT (August) Preliminary HT
        * 7th Watershed HT (April) Training HT
        * Completed Mayfest HT (May) Preliminary HT
        * Completed Champagne Run HT (July) Preliminary HT
        * Completed Midsouth PC HT (June) Preliminary HT
        * Completed Kentucky CCI* (October) with clear XC
        2002 Season

          * 1st Tri-State Dressage Show (April) TL Test 1
          * 2nd Champagne Run MT (May) Beg. Novice
          * 4th Tri-State Dressage Show (April) TL Test 2
          * 5th Spring Bay HT (April) Beg. Novice
          * 7th Paul Frasier CT (March) Beg. Novice
          * 8th Hearthstone HT (June) Novice
          * 9th Paul Frasier CT (March) Novice
          * 10th Champagne Run HT (July) Training


        The Future

        Never Stop Dreaming can be seen next with Hidden Hollow Farm at:

          * June--Menfelt HT at OI
          * July--Wayne HT at OI
          * July--Champagne Run at the Park HT at OI