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    Merely Happenstance



1997 16.0 hand Bay Thoroughbred Gelding.

Time with HHF: Since January 6, 2003
Current Occupation: Eventing Training



2003 Season

    * 3rd -- Big Bear HT (Pine Mountain, GA)--November. Open Training.
    * 4th -- River Glen HT (TN)--November. Open Novice.
    * 4th -- Watershed HT (Folsom, LA)--April. Beginner Novice Horse.
    * 13th -- Pine Top HT (Thomson, GA)--November. Open Training.
    * Finished on dressage score -- KY Classic HT (Lexington, KY)--September. Open Novice.



Prove Out
Capistrano Return
Dream of Spring
Merely Happenstance
AKA Color Me Bay
Turn to Ann


The Future

Merely Happenstance can be seen next with Hidden Hollow Farm at:

    * June--Midsouth PC HT at ON * July--Wayne HT at OT * July--Gemwood HT at OT * August--River Glen HT at OP * August--Penny Oaks HT at OP